Creating Value Through

Centric to the Firstlog vision is the fact that organizations have to be sensitive to the needs of customers and the key to the sensitivity door is through the understanding of different market segments. Therefore it calls for an intense familiarity of the segments and an integrated approach to arriving at the most appropriate solutions. Firstlog was fast to recognize that scaling up operations would involve not mere enhancement of physical capacities of the supply chain at all levels whether it be the first point pick up, line haul connectivity or deliveries. It would rather mean creating a value chain that is part of the customized solution for varied customers and projects with a positive outcome in the last mile delivery. Recognizing this Firstlog has devoted considerable time in the recent past to understand and analyze the market dynamics. The Express segment is in the midst of huge opportunities triggered by the unprecedented growth with forthcoming introduction of GST. This growth in the last few years has already placed many players in the One Billion plus top line related to Gross Market Value Firstlog understands that last mile distribution and Logistics and has become the critical backbone of the fulfillment network and the principal driver that can win customer’s mind-space. Though most service providers are still caught grappling with issues around demand (Transactions) and supply (last mile distribution) capacities, Firstlog believes that the days are not far when consumers will start opting for preferred brands to deliver their purchases. Firstlog plans to play a lead role in this space.