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Firstlog was pioneered as an Industry first initiative recognizing that documents, parcels and commercial cargo though from difference paradigms have a common denominator of time sensitivity wherein the last mile delivery forms the focal point for customer satisfaction. The organization offers door to door Air, Surface, Rail and Multi modal services through a unique network with assured transit time.

The promoters of Firstlog have impeccable experience in understanding the nuances of operational capabilities required to handle the wide bandwidth of shipments from the few grams to the multiple kilograms and tones for commercial cargo with equal ease.

Firstlog goes beyond just mere express transportation and delivery with its core of integrated logistics solutions covering a wide spectrum of the Indian Economy. The Company has a proven track record as a solutions organization leveraging the operational backbone for orchestrated commerce.

To place an order for delivery, Call 0120.435.5233.

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If you have an Emergency Shipment, Call First Log and meet your critical deadlines with confidence and peace of mind!

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